Excellence in Design

The Foundation believes that the decorative arts, a field dedicated to the creation of objects that are at once beautiful and functional, should be guarded through preservation and advanced through innovation. The Foundation promotes excellence in design by supporting organizations that are enhancing the field of the decorative arts.

GOAL 1: To promote design innovation through scholarship and education in the field of the decorative arts.


  • Support premier design and art institutions in offering professional and graduate-level internships and fellowships in the field of the decorative arts, specifically jewelry, silver and accessories.

GOAL 2: To promote and showcase excellent design in the field of the decorative arts.


  • Support the creation of gallery spaces for jewelry, silver and accessories at the world's premier arts institutions.


  • To promote excellence in design at the world's great cultural institutions.

* The Foundation does not accept unsolicited proposals for this exploratory goal.


  • Support cultural institutions that embody design excellence and advance the field of art, architecture, craftsmanship, sustainability and cultural preservation.