Tiffany & Co. Foundation Supports Sylvia Earle’s Mission Blue Campaing With Ted.Com May 2010
Sylvia Earle speaks during the Mission Blue voyage in the Galapagos in April 2010. ©TED / James Duncan Davidson
Expedition photo from the Mission Blue voyage. ©TED / James Duncan Davidson

In May 2010, The Tiffany & Co. Foundation announced a $150,000 grant to support TED’s Mission Blue campaign, inspired by Sylvia Earle, the 2009 TED Prize winner. Mission Blue was launched with a four-day voyage, attended by 100 of the world’s most renowned ocean experts, marine scientists, deep-sea explorers, technology innovators, policy makers, business leaders, environmentalists, activists and entertainers to experience seven fully programmed TED sessions on the state of the oceans.

The voyage raised $16.7 million to fund eight initiatives to help protect and preserve the oceans from human impacts. Through posting TEDTalks from Mission Blue to a highly influential audience, will provide an unparalleled platform for disseminating the powerful ideas captured during Mission Blue beyond the voyage participants. The Tiffany & Co. Foundation supported the creation and dissemination of the first five TEDTalks to result from Mission Blue by Mike deGruy, Edith Widder, Roz Savage, Jeremy Jackson and Enric Sala.

This grant is a part of the Foundation’s Coral Conservation Program, which was designed to increase awareness to promote the preservation of precious corals and healthy marine ecosystems.