June 2010
Italian Gardens4.jpg
Kensington Gardens
St. James Park.jpg
St. James's Park

The Tiffany & Co. Foundation has awarded a grant to the Royal Parks Foundation in London, through the newly established Royal Parks Foundation (USA), for the new program Tiffany-Across the Water. The Royal Parks Foundation works with all eight Royal Parks, including Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens, to beautify, maintain and improve the spaces used by 30 million people annually.

Tiffany-Across the Water will include three significant restoration projects to enhance water features in all eight royal parks. The first component of Tiffany-Across the Water is to restore or replace the drinking fountains across all eight Royal Parks. This will significantly improve the visitor experience and encourage sustainability. To replace those drinking fountains that cannot be restored, the Royal Parks Foundation will host a nationwide design competition, in partnership with The Royal Institute of British Architects, to design a drinking fountain that will be used throughout the Royal Parks and can serve as a model for other urban parks around the world.

The second component of Tiffany-Across the Water is to create a twenty-foot sparkling water plume in St. James's Park Lake, which will not only beautify the park day and night, but the improved aeration will benefit the wildlife dependent upon the quality of the waters of the lake. The final improvement is to restore the famous Italian Gardens and their fountains in Kensington Gardens including restoring the six fountains, installing eco-friendly water systems and improving the surrounding paving and structures. The Tiffany-Across the Water program's anticipated completion is in 2012.