Responsible Mining

The Foundation believes that the manner in which precious metals and gemstones are extracted is of the utmost importance. The Foundation supports organizations that promote responsible mining of precious metals, diamonds and gemstones as well as organizations that assist communities where mining occurs, particularly in the American West and Sub-Saharan Africa.

GOAL 1: To promote the development of standards for responsible mining at the large- and small-scale level.


  • Encourage civil society, business and governments worldwide to work collaboratively on standards for the responsible mining of precious metals and gemstones, particularly through research, convenings and international standards development.

GOAL 2: To remediate areas where both small- and large-scale mining have occurred.


  • Support models of reclamation and restoration work that bring together local communities, government, business and civil society in an effort to reclaim and remediate land and watersheds in which mining has occurred.

GOAL 3: To protect places of natural and historic importance from the threat of mining.


  • Promote land and water conservation through the support of scientific research, convenings, awareness and education focused on responsible natural resource management.

GOAL 4: To promote economic and social development in areas where the mining of precious metals, diamonds and gemstones occurs.


  • Respond to the place-based needs of mining communities as an important driver of the sustainable development in diamond-producing countries.
  • Support producer-country beneficiation by working with organizations that engage local communities in activities throughout the supply chain to provide opportunities and benefits from mineral resources.