News for 2017
It is estimated that at least 25 million people worldwide are engaged in artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM).

Science tells us that human beings make sense of the world through stories.

Marine protected areas (MPAs), akin to national parks on land, are one of the best tools available to protect the ocean and the wildlife that calls it home.

Today’s coral reefs—and in turn, the ecosystems and communities depending on them—face an unprecedented threat to their survival.

A blog post written by Anisa Kamadoli Costa, Chairman and President of The Tiffany & Co. Foundation as part of a series produced by Virgin Unite in partnership with Ocean Unite.
The Wildlife Conservation Society announces The Tiffany & Co. Foundation’s $1 million dollar grant towards its Marine Protected Area Fund.
An international team of researchers has determined that marine reserves help to lessen the gravity of five major environmental problems tied to climate change.
Ocean conservation philanthropy is global, and it’s local. It’s market-based and regulatory. It’s about blue whales and microbes. It’s as expansive and varied as, well, the ocean.
Colored gemstones are, in a sense, a final frontier in the mining industry when it comes to setting standards and ensuring responsible social and environmental practices.

Savvy divers with just a pencil and an underwater slate can now participate in a WCS-led initiative to record coral bleaching observations around the world.
The Tiffany & Co. Foundation celebrates the achievements of grantees in its recently-retired Urban Parks Program Area.