News for 2018
Pew has named its 2018 marine conservation fellows.
The winners are founders of WCS’s coral reef programs and have pushed the frontiers of coral reef science.
Coral reefs are beloved for their beauty and majesty, but vibrant colors are not all that makes coral reefs special.

An idea to match-make coral won the Great Barrier Reef Foundation’s Out of the Box Reef Innovation Challenge, securing $225,000 USD.
Scientists identify reefs that, if protected from overfishing, pollution and other threats, may have the potential to revive marine ecosystems.
A ‘sun shield’ made from an ultra-thin surface film is showing promise as a potential weapon in the fight to protect the Great Barrier Reef from the impacts of coral bleaching.
Conservation International's newest virtual reality project, "My Africa," has been selected to premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival, April 18-29, in New York.
WCS study yields biomass-yield model that can determine how much fish can be sustainably harvested without leading to ecosystem degradation and lost productivity.
The Great Barrier Reef Foundation’s Out of the Blue Box Challenge will fund innovative ideas to protect and restore the Reef.