2018 Is the International Year of the Reef January 2018
International Year of the Reef Poster
International Year of the Reef Poster
Credit: © The Ocean Agency
Coral’s Critical Moment
Raja Ampat, Indonesia
Photo Credit: © The Ocean Agency

Coral reefs are beloved for their beauty and majesty, but vibrant colors are not all that makes coral reefs special. Though many people see coral as a plant or a rock, this unique species is actually an animal—one which plays a vital role in ocean health. A quarter of underwater fauna depend on coral reefs for their survival, and coral reefs provide an estimated 500 million people around the world with food and livelihoods. Additionally, each year coral reefs contribute nearly $30 billion to the global economy. The Tiffany & Co. Foundation values coral reefs’ significance to people and the planet, which is why—for nearly two decades—the Foundation has supported organizations working to preserve these precious ecosystems.

The Foundation’s support continues in 2018, a year when coral is taking center stage. 2018 marks the third International Year of the Reef—a global effort led by the International Coral Reef Initiative in collaboration with UN Environment as well as nearly 40 countries and many of the world’s largest ocean conservation organizations. The International Year of the Reef provides an opportunity to elevate the importance of coral reefs for international audiences. Through a public awareness campaign—including social media, film, high-profile events and a publicly available coral reef image bank—organizations around the world will urge the public to take action to preserve coral reefs.

While there is urgency to act, there is also reason for hope. More and more people are learning about the need to save coral reefs and are making their voices heard. Dedicated experts are already working on the front lines of coral conservation using innovative solutions to protect reefs and to help them heal. The Foundation believes this year can also be a year of hope—and one that will help catalyze the global commitment needed to ensure these precious ecosystems are preserved for generations to come.