Conservation International Releases Valen's Reef, a New Virtual Reality Film



The Tiffany & Co. Foundation is proud to support Conservation International in the making of Valen’s Reef, a new virtual reality film focused on marine conservation efforts in Raja Ampat, Indonesia.


For decades Raja Ampat’s oceans were a target for destructive practices and overfishing. By the 1990s, the fisheries that provided the main source of income and food for coastal communities had been devastated, leaving many households in poverty. Conservation International, along with The Nature Conservancy and World Wildlife Fund, worked with the local communities and the government to establish and support the management of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). In just over 10 years, poaching diminished by 90% and destructive fishing practices have nearly been eradicated.


Valen’s Reef takes viewers to now-vibrant reefs where 600 types of corals—far more than the Caribbean—and nearly 2,000 species of fish—more than the Great Barrier Reef—are thriving.


Transporting viewers to the region, the film seeks to inspire more people to get involved in ocean conservation through a deeper understanding of both the wealth that oceans provide and how protecting them is crucial to mankind’s survival.


Through its Coral Conservation Program, the Foundation focuses on promoting the preservation of precious corals and healthy marine ecosystems. The Tiffany and Co. Foundation is proud to support this innovative film as a part of our strategy to educate key audiences about the importance of ocean conservation.


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